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    • Leland T. Moore, Sr - Chairman
    • E. Parks Moore - CEO
    • Leland T. Moore, Jr - COO
    • Justin D. Merrick - Dir of Technology, Training & Marketing
    • Mike Pepper - Dir of Operations
    • Tina Engelmeyer - Dir of Human Resources
    • Jan Cummings, CPA - Corporate Controller
    • Alan Miller - Design Manager
    • Jeff McCurley - Business Manager, Branch Mgr – Mobile
    • Jeremie Ott - Branch Mgr – Baton Rouge
    • Frank LeDoux - Branch Mgr – Westlake
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our foundation makes us a better company.

In late November, 2000, fourteen men and women representing all locations of S&S Sprinkler Company, LLC, and Fire Sprinkler Supply Company, LLC, met to discuss ways to take our companies to the next level. As a basis for continuing development, we identified the below six values as most important to us individually and in the workplace. We pledged to strive to work and personally live by these values as well as to emphasize and share them with every person working in our companies. We ask you to also make these values yours at home and at work extending to our customers and vendors. Our collective commitment to this goal is attested by our signatures.

1. Family

We shall mutually respect values and encourage attention to our families. We recognize and appreciate both our home family and our work family. The values that follow honor both of those families.

2. Honesty

We shall treat both customers and our fellow employees honestly. Customers will receive the material and labor for which they pay and nothing less. We shall lead by example in honestly dealing with other company employees and expect the same in return.

3. Integrity

Integrity means that we align the way that we think with the way that we feel with the actions that we take. It represents an internal strength which leads us to treat our customers and our fellow employees as we want to be treated. The virtues that grow out of faith will be in the terminal values that we ascribe to in this letter. This in turn will dictate our conduct.

4. Spiritual Growth

Faith in God is our foundation. Each person will be given the freedom to practice his/her own faith. The virtues that grow out of faith will be in the terminal values that we ascribe to in this letter. This in turn will dictate our conduct.

5. Fairness

We shall treat our customers and our fellow employees in an even-handed manner. We shall recognize each person's uniqueness and their role in our work environment and adapt our demands and expectations of them accordingly, without favoritism.

6. Teamwork

This is the ability of employees to unselfishly communicate, cooperate, and support each other and to compromise when necessary in an effort to achieve a greater outcome. The spirit of teamwork needs to be visible.

Signatures are available for review at each office.